What we are able to do for you?

3D Rendering

Here at Footprint Construction we believe in the homeowners dreams. That’s why we offer FREE 3D rendering on all our projects! Something we hear often around here is: “If you don’t like it then change it before its built!” So lets get it rendered! You will have access to either see the rendering in person during a consultation meeting or via screen sharing. If you sign a contract and put a down payment on the specific project rendered for you, we will send you the renderings free of charge.  
If you just want your future to be drawn out for a visual and other reasons we would love to do that for you as well for a price starting at: $250.00. If you choose to have us build your dream the price will be credited to the entire cost of your project. Please consult our team for further details.  


New homeowners looking to replace a forgotten deck, or for long-time homeowners looking to renovate their yard should consider a custom crafted deck by Footprint Construction. Decks are a great opportunity to better utilize the space in your yard and focus on the aesthetic appeal outside of your home. Footprint Construction uses a variety of materials to deliver a visually outstanding deck for you to entertain friends and family with. See our products page for info on the high quality materials we use.


Pergolas from Footprint Construction are used to create a shaded outdoor living space. Footprint Construction pergolas can be attached to the side of a home and extend out over a patio. Footprint Construction custom pergolas can also be free standing and installed in gardens and other outdoor spaces as a decorative yet functional element. We can also install a canopy attached to the for ultimate shade and water resistant outdoor living area. Our team of craftsmen would love to build you the Pergola of your dreams!  

Patio and Deck Coverings

From executing the plans for permits required to making sure your cover is crafted with care, Footprint Construction doesn’t leave anything to under the table. With a full service installation of your patio cover, you can count on Footprint Construction for top-notch attention to detail. When you turn to Footprint Construction for a patio or deck covering, you’re getting much more than a great installation from experienced professionals, you’re also receiving a top of the line addition to your outdoor living experience.


With the use of Footprint Construction pavilion coverings, you can keep out the elements overhead and enjoy what’s at hand. Having a pavilion to compliment and expand the livable space at your house is one of the best home improvement projects you can make for yourself. With our craftsmen, your new structure will be beautiful and strong. Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee we will make sure what you want is what you get. The expertise of each pavilion specialist in our company ensures that you get exactly what you ask for.