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My name is Taylor, I am the CEO and co-owner of Footprint Construction. Before Nathan and I joined forces I felt the craving to move forward with the desires placed in my heart. The call to bring forth the Kingdom of God lives inside me and is being called out through the actions I make everyday. The desire for me was to enrich the community around us by building incredible and custom structures. This is when Footprint was born, it started with a desire that was given to me and was born through the efforts put forth. As the co-owner and CEO of Footprint Construction my goal for the company is to help build the community around us. Here in Colorado Springs and the surrounding El Paso County we want to bring Gods Kingdom to your neighborhood through the structures we build for you and the experience you have with our team. Our slogan affirms our desires: “Taking the steps to create your future.” Our purpose at Footprint Construction is to help guide and create your future. My passion with Footprint Construction is to bring your well thought out dream to life. We have high integrity, are reliable, honest and will stand by our work. Please visit our services page to get a feel for how we can serve you and your house hold. 

Growing up I was surrounded by the efforts of building. My father was the product of his father and became an incredible builder and general contractor. As it is said, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Without really knowing what was happening I learned from both my grandfather and my father the skills of carpentry, building, business management and much more. For the last 10 years I have been building and working with homeowners, learning the critical skills of how to take care of people through the efforts of crafting what they envision. Being a third generation general contractor in Colorado Springs has been an incredible experience and has given me the chance to bless others with the gifts that have been given to me. I am truly thankful to serve you and the community and will make sure that when we are done with your project you will have the assurance that it is a structure that is beautiful and will last.

My Name Is Nathan Martin, Co-Owner and Project Manager of footprint Construction. 
I first entered into the industry when I was a boy working with my dad. 
At the time I was a Mennonite so I was more used to building with my hands and making use of levers, pullies, and basic mechanics than technology. Once I found God I was led to Colorado Springs where I met Taylor. 
After working with him for a number of months I realized that I wanted to do more and that technology had ways to advance my skill to the next level. 
It took me a little time to get used to it but after advancing my skill with electric tools we learned that Taylor and I worked well together. 
Being how I mostly enjoyed the outdoors, working with people, and working with my hands we worked out a way for me to stay in the field where I can work with a team to build  for people and serve God through my passion of creating good quality products. 
This company is like family to me, we have grown this company with a mindset that God will be honored above all through our actions and through the structures we build. It has allowed the freedom to work in an enjoyable environment, with people who build me up personally and push me to do better professionally. 
I am very particular about the kind of product this company produces and enjoy making sure the details for your home are done in the best way possible. If I would not do it on my home, I don’t want you to have anything less. We all strive to make sure you are satisfied above and beyond the goal for your project so we can walk away confident we were able to share Gods Kingdom to yet another satisfied Customer.

Nathan Martin Bio

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